Highest Antiviral and Antimicrobial Activity! 

Hand Sanitizer Foam is a unique silver based formula that effectively eliminates wide range of harmful germs, providing long lasting action.

Hand Sanitizer Foam contains active polymerically stabilized ionic Silver Chloride (AgCl), and is free of colloidal or nano particles.

Hand Sanitizer Foam is manufactured using the cutting edge know-how technology. A specially formed 3D matrix backbone is used as the carrier and distribution agent for silver pico particles, thus providing perfectly even coverage and stability. This allows to attach the silver pico particles as a thin film to any surface, providing both the immediate antimicrobial effect and the long lasting antimicrobial protection.

Hand Sanitizer Foam provides immediate effect as well as long lasting complex protection against pathogens, unlike alcohol based sanitizers, that become ineffective the moment the alcohol evaporates.

Hugely important and unique feature of Hand Sanitizer Foam is extended residual biocidal activity, it keeps working even after being applied, even when your hands are dry.

Triclosan and fragrance free.



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