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Gemalon™ 500 (30)

Gemalon™ 500 (30)

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Stress, unbalanced diet, medication, excess physical activity, and growing older – all these factors weaken the immune system. The control and treatment of infectious diseases is increasingly complicated by the development of antibiotic-resistant organisms, and the emergence and rapid dissemination of new pathogens. As most pathogens enter through mucosal surfaces, the local immune defence may be of particular importance. (1)

Effective defense of the body highly depends on the amount of immunoglobulins - molecules that are produced by plasma cells in response to an antigen. An antigen is any foreign substance that enters the body, usually by ingestion, inhalation, or breaks in the skin and causes an immune response. Antibodies are specific to a given antigen.

Immunoglobulin is a protein used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects.
Immunoglobulins are so important for the defense of the human body, that their concentration is considered the primary index of immune system health.

The basic functions of immunoglobulins are the neutralization and opsonization of bacteria, viruses, and other environmental pathogens.

Neutralization means that the antibodies have bound to an antigen and this prevents the antigen from finding its target. For example, if the antigen bund by an antibody is a protein comprising part of a bacterium or virus, the antibody can prevent the attachment of the bacteria or virus to the host. Likewise, binding of an antibody to a toxin prevents the uptake of the toxin by the body. In both examples, the antibody has effectively neutralized the bacteria, virus and/or toxin.

Opsonization describes the coating of an antigen with antibodies so that it can be recognized as foreign; ingested by specialized white blood cells; destroyed; and, presented on the surface of the white blood cells for recognition by the other cells of the immune system. Unlike antibiotics, antibodies also allow the immune system to specifically recognize pathogens while ignoring good bacteria that are a part of the body’s normal microflora.

Gemalon™ 500 is a unique Santegra®’s product - highly bioavailable bovine serum protein concentrate rich in peptides and immunoglobulins. It’s an all-natural and lactose-free.
Bovine serum protein concentrate is derived from cattle specifically raised for food. Such food animals produce specific humoral immunity against a broad range of organisms because they are routinely exposed to common environmental pathogens to a much greater degree than humans.
As a result, immunoglobulin of bovine origin contains antibodies that are also specific to human pathogens. This includes such pathogens as E. coli, H. pylori, and rotavirus.

Bovine serum protein concentrate is prepared from BSE free bovine source material, collected under rigid USDA inspection, and manufactured in a FDA compliant, GMP plant.

The patent pending cold manufacturing process positions the fast absorbing instantized bovine serum protein concentrate as the next evolution and will change the way you think of proteins.

The key bioactive component of serum concentrate, immunoglobulin, is also found in bovine milk and colostrum (the milk-like liquid produced by the cow for the first few hours after giving birth). But, because it is processed from bovine blood, rather than the milk, it contains no lactose and almost no fat due to the fractioning process. The serum also contains no allergenic proteins, such as the beta-lactoglobulin that is found in colostrum.

Gemalon™ 500 contains 1500 mg IgG in the daily dosage for the first 3 days and 500 – 1000 mg a day thereafter.
Gemalon™ 500 does not contain antibiotics and synthetic hormones.
Gemalon™ 500 is a high quality, bioactive protein supplement that provides high levels of IgG.

The characteristic that sets Gemalon™ 500 apart from other immune support products is its immediate effect. Many popular immune support ingredients may take weeks to promote immune function. Gemalon™ 500 works as soon as it becomes soluble.

In the modern world with the increase in number of pathogens, the immune system support with all natural and safe product Gemalon™ 500 could be very beneficial to long-term human health.

Supplement Facts

Per 2 tablets:

Immunoglobulin IgG – 500 mg.


As a dietary supplement, take two tablets three times a day for the first 3 days, and 2 tablets once or twice a day thereafter.


Individual intolerance.