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L.Acidophilus (60)

L.Acidophilus (60)

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Our digestive tract is host to about 400 different kinds of bacteria, some of them are harmful, some are “friendly”. The total weight of these bacteria would come to nearly one-two kilograms.
Nowadays the normal intestinal microflora is often called “the extracorporeal organ of the body”, to stress its significance for our health. The "friendly" microorganisms are called probiotics, meaning "for life."

The balance of the intestine microflora is a key to good health. Unfortunately unbalanced diet, medication (especially antibiotics), alcohol can affect the normal balance of bacteria, as well as stress, excess exposure to ultraviolet light, viral and bacterial infections, hormonal imbalance.

L.Acidophilus contains “friendly” bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus), which normally inhabit the small intestine.
Taking L.Acidophilus as a dietary supplement will help normalize intestine microflora and maintain it healthy.

Researches show that Lactobacillus acidophilus suppresses harmful bacteria and help fight intestinal disorders. L.Acidophilus helps to control yeast overgrowth, such as candida. The colonies of friendly bacteria present in sufficient numbers within the vaginal lining form the protective barrier against infections.
L.Acidophilus normalizes digestion, helps decrease flatulence, and control bad breath.
L.Acidophilus helps to strengthen the immune system; promotes better absorption of calcium and iron; increases protein assimilation, enhances digestion of milk sugar (lactose) and aids in the production of vitamins B.
Some researches show that Lactobacillus acidophilus can help lower the cholesterol level thus reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.
L.Acidophilus is recommended after taking antibiotics, birth control pills, after chemotherapy.

Regular intake of L.Аcidophilus will help to maintain good health and well-being.
It is recommended to take L.Аcidophilus in combination with exclusive Santegra®’s product FortiFi™ – a source of dietary fiber that effectively promote the growth of beneficial bacteris in the colon.

Supplement Facts

Per one capsule:

Lactobacillus acidophilus – 2.5 billion CFU.


As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule with a large glass of water daily for 30 - 40 days.


Individual intolerance.