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ShieldsUp™ TR (60)

ShieldsUp™ TR (60)

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There was always a great interest to the topic of aging and to the search for a theory that can explain what aging is and why and how it happens. Can we live longer?

Throughout history, scientists have sought strategies for warding off the seemingly inevitable processes of aging and death. In recent decades, the free radical theory of aging has shed light on the degenerative changes that occur as people grow older.

This theory holds that the body produces reactive, unstable agents known as free radicals during normal metabolism and following exposure to ultraviolet light or environmental toxins. While natural antidotes to these free radicals – internally produced antioxidants –are abundant in youth, their levels decline with age. The imbalance between free radicals and the antioxidants needed to inactivate them leads to a generalized state of oxidative stress that can damage lipids, proteins, DNA, and mitochondria throughout the body. Oxidative stress has been associated with many disease processes, including cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Scientific research suggests that minimizing deleterious free radical reactions by ensuring optimal antioxidant levels may hold the key to extending the healthy human life span. Studies have shown that people who live to be 100 years or older often demonstrate higher blood levels of antioxidants than their much younger counterparts. (1)

ShieldsUp™ TR – is a unique Santegra®’s product - exclusive complex of potent antioxidants.
ShieldsUp™ TR is developed on the basis of the latest scientific researches and has no analog in the world.

Biologists have found a class of chemicals that they hope will make people live longer by activating an ancient survival reflex. These chemicals are designed to mimic the effect of a very low-calorie diet, which is known to lengthen the life span of rodents.
A calorically restricted diet includes all necessary nutrients but has some 30 percent fewer calories than usual. The diet extends the life span of rodents by 30 to 50 percent, and even if it is started later has a benefit proportionate to the remaining life span.
A similar mechanism exists in simpler forms of life, making biologists believe that they are looking at an ancient strategy, formed early in evolution and built into all animals. The strategy allows an organism, when food is scarce, to live longer, postpone reproduction and start breeding when conditions improve.
Two experiments to see if caloric restriction extends life span in monkeys are about at their halfway point — rhesus monkeys live some 25 years in captivity — and the signs so far are promising.

Biologist Dr. David Sinclair, assistant professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School and his chief co-author, Dr. Konrad T. Howitz, say they have succeeded in finding a class of drugs that mimic caloric restriction. Dr. Sinclair and his colleagues have shown that resveratrol prolongs life span in yeast by 70 percent.
Later studies showed that resveratrol prolongs the lifespan of the worm Caenorhabditis elegans and the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.
In 2006 it was shown by A. Cellerino and colleagues (Lay Line Genomics), that it also extends the maximum lifespan of a short-lived fish, Nothobranchius furzeri, by 59% and the median lifespan by 56%.
The authors wrote "the observation that resveratrol’s supplementation with food extends vertebrate lifespan and delays motor and cognitive age-related decline could be of high relevance for the prevention of aging-related diseases in the human population. (2)

Scientists involved in the research say that human life spans could be extended by 30 percent if humans respond to the chemicals in the same way as rats and mice do to low calories.
Even someone who started to take reservation at age 50 could expect to gain an extra 10 years of life.

Resveratrol has been found, in a number of studies, to provide a wide range of health benefits:
• Powerful antioxidant;
• Cancer-preventing agent;
• Reduces cardiovascular disease risk;
• Helps to prevent hardening and thickening of arteries;
• Prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels;
• Lowers the cholesterol level;
• The first-ever supplement known to activate a longevity gene.

Resveratrol has been tested for its ability to stop pain (3), stop the growth of the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers (Helicobacter pylori) (4), protect immune cells (5), protect DNA (6), and many other conditions.

Resveratrol is synthesized by plants in response to stress, like a lack of nutrients or contracting a fungal infection.
Resveratrol is naturally created by certain vines, pine trees, peanuts, grapes, and other plants. One of these plants (Polygonnum cuspidatum) is an ingredient in traditional Asian medicines that are prescribed for liver and heart conditions.

The finding could help explain the so-called French paradox, the fact that the French live as long as anyone else despite consuming fatty foods deemed threatening to the heart. This can be explained by traditionally high consumption of red wine in this country.

How much resveratrol is in a glass of wine depends, first, on whether the grapes were grown organically, and, second, how the wine was made. Organic red wines from certain areas of Europe contain the highest level of resveratrol. But most wines contain either no resveratrol at all, or very little (less than a milligram per glass).
Although red wine has been shown benefits, it must be noted that excessive consumption of alcohol can be dangerous to one’s health.
Alcohol is the most socially acceptable addictive drug that has life-threatening health hazards.

The only sure way to obtain a certain amount of resveratrol daily is to take a standardized extract.

ShieldsUp™ TR contains 2 mg of resveratrol (from Polygonum cuspidatum root extract), which is the same amount that can be found in several bottles of high quality wine!

The summary of the latest scientific researches shows, that there are several ways to prolong life:
• A calorically restricted diet, which seems unreal, if you take in consideration the amount of overweight people in the modern society!
• Regular consumption of large amounts of red wine, which could be dangerous because of alcohol;
• Maintaining high blood levels of antioxidants.

Santegra®’s scientists have found a new way by inventing a unique new generation product - ShieldsUp™ TR – a powerful antioxidant, containing a standardized amount of resveratrol!

The best ever created antioxidant formula contains also:
Vitamin A (100% as natural beta-carotene from palm oil) - have anticarcinogenic, immunomodulatory and antioxidant activities. Vitamin A is important to maintain eye health.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, supports cardiovascular and immune systems, is essential for body’s defense against infections. A composition of five different forms of vitamin C (ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, acerola 4:1 fruit extract, rose hips powder) helps optimize your body’s usage of this nutrient.

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant - it scavenges the free radicals, helps prevent heart problems. ShieldsUp™ TR contains vitamin E in a form of d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate - the natural form of vitamin E, which is more active and better absorbed. Natural vitamin E may be as much as twice as bioavailable as synthetic vitamin E.

Selenium is a very potent antioxidant. It helps to boost the immune system and fight off infection, providing a general increase in the body’s defense against dangerous bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells, may protect against heart attack and stroke, guards against cataracts and macular degeneration.

Selenium+GPM™ (patent pending) is a nutritional ingredient especially developed for better absorption and increased safety. A proprietary, multi-stage fermentation process is used to create its Glyco Protein Matrix. This process transforms selenium, yeast and probiotics from a simple admixture into a fully enrobed, food-bound system that greatly improves the absorption of the mineral by the body.
The tests showed that Selenium+GPM™ was a vastly superior antioxidant than other forms of selenium, it was 64 times better as an antioxidant than selenomethionine.
A clinical bioavailability study conducted at Northridge Hospital Medical Center, an academic affiliate of UCLA, demonstrated that Selenium+GPM™ contained greater clinically significant serum levels than typical selenium ingredients, a key indicator of bioavailability.

Grape seed extract is rich in flavonoids, phytochemicals that have antioxidant properties. The most valuable flavonoids in grape seed extract are proanthocyanidins. ShieldsUp™ TR contains grape seed extract standardized to 95% proanthocyanidins. Grape seed extract and proanthocyanidins clearly possess remarkable antioxidant properties. Their effects on reducing free radical damage and oxidative stress suggest that they may be particularly effective in a number of the chronic diseases associated with aging, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, macular degeneration and cataracts.

Green tea leaf extract is an amazingly powerful antioxidant. It is one of the most popular herbal supplements in the world. It has been used for thousands of years, especially by Asian cultures for its many health benefits, which include lowering cholesterol, healthy cardiovascular system, increased immune function, and weight loss.

The active constituents of green tea - polyphenols, known to be very effective scavengers of free radicals.
Green tea extract is beneficial for cardiovascular system. Studies indicate that the antioxidant properties of green tea may help prevent atherosclerosis, particularly coronary artery disease.
Green tea has demonstrated an ability to lower total cholesterol and raise HDL ("good") cholesterol in both animals and people.
The cancer-protective effects of green tea have been reported in several population-based studies. Cancer rates tend to be low in countries such as Japan where green tea is regularly consumed. Animal and clinical studies suggest that polyphenols may play an important role in the prevention of cancer.
Researchers believe that green tea may slow the effects of normal aging and its associated brain regression. Green tea polyphenols play an important role in various cellular mechanisms related to neuroprotective activity.
Green tea extract possesses antimicrobial properties, supports the immune system.
Green tea may help to normalize and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

ShieldsUp™ TR contains green tea extract with 97% of total polyphenols, which guarantees its efficacy.

High-ORAC blend is a source of natural antioxidants from green tea extract, grape seed extract, apple powder, blueberry powder, broccoli powder, cranberry powder, kale powder, orange powder, prune powder, raspberry powder, spinach powder, strawberry powder, and blueberry extract.
ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is the way scientists measure antioxidant activity. Studies suggest that consuming fruits and vegetables with a high-ORAC value may help slow the aging process in both body and brain.
High ORAC blend in ShieldsUp™ TR provides the most powerful, natural antioxidant benefits, promotes healthier aging, supports healthy cardiovascular and immune function.

ShieldsUp™ TR is manufactured using the state-of-the-art Timed Release™ (TR) Technology. This process is designed to control the rate at which the formula’s nutrients are released into the body. Timed Release™ provides a more efficient delivery system.
Tablets are designed to release nutrients in a controlled pattern to prolong release and promote optimal assimilation.

Supplement Facts

Per 1 tablet:

Vitamin A (100% as natural beta-carotene) - 2,500 IU,
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, acerola 4:1 fruit extract, rose hips powder) - 50 mg,
Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate) - 50 IU,
Selenium (as selenium + GPM) - 50 mcg,
OPC (oligometric proanthocanidins from 95% grape seed extract) - 25 mg,
Resveratrol (from Polygonum cuspidatum root extract) - 2 mg,
Green tea leaf extract - 35 mg,
High-ORAC blend - 40 mg: Green tea extract (97% total polyphenols), grape seed extract, apple powder, blueberry powder, broccoli powder, cranberry powder, kale powder, orange powder, prune powder, raspberry powder, spinach powder, strawberry powder, and blueberry extract.


As a dietary supplement take 1-2 tablets twice a day with a large glass of water.


Individual intolerance.